Grosvenor’s 25/25

by Martin Smith on 05/03/2015

The very popular 25/25 from Gorsvenor hits G Casino Dundee from 21st-24th May 2015.

£200+£20 freezeout with a £25,000 unconditional guarantee. 25k starting stack with 40 minute levels on Day 1 and 45 minute on Day 2. Fully dealer dealt.

There are 3 starting flights, 1 per day:
Flight A @ 7pm, Thursday 21st May
Flight B @ 7pm, Friday 22nd May
Flight C @ 4pm, Saturday 23rd May

Each starting Flight will play 10 levels and will last approx 7.5 hours. This includes 3 x 15 min breaks.

Re-entry (up till end of Level 3 plus the 15 min break) is allowed once in each Flight so that’s 6 entries maximum per player.

The final day on Sunday starts at 12pm and is played to a conclusion.


Grosvenor 25/25 Series – Dundee Leg

by Martin Smith on 23/01/2014

Bricked the UKIPT and ready for some more action? The next big Scottish event is the £200+£20 25/25 Series event right here in our own G Casino Dundee from 31st Jan to 2nd Feb. A whopping £25,000 guaranteed but it’s likely to have £40,000+.

Here are the 3 champions so far:
Glasgow – Mudasser Hussain – £11,320
Aberdeen – Boaby Jardine – £13,400
Edinburgh – Ewan Brown – £12,030

There are 3 starting flights over 2 days:
Flight 1 @ 7pm, Friday 31st Jan
Flight 2 @ 12pm, Saturday 1st Feb
Flight 3 @ 7.45pm, Saturday 1st Feb

Each starting Flight will play 10 levels and will last approx 7.5 hours. Now includes 3 x 15 min breaks.

Re-entry (up till end of Level 4) is allowed once in each Flight so that’s 6 entries maximum per player.

The final day on Sunday starts at 1pm and is played to a conclusion.

Full details at

A live blog of the event will be hosted on Please also remember to tweet your personal updates using the #2525dundee hashtag.


International Stadiums Poker Tour

by Gary Smith on 22/03/2013

You may have read about the ambitious International Stadiums Poker Tour event to be held at Wembley Stadium from 31st May to 5th June. If you have, you were probably pretty sceptical. We at PID certainly were and the initial proposals were undoubtedly flawed. However, it was recently announced that Dusk Till Dawn are to be the official UK partner of the ISPT. This has given the event a sudden and huge credibility boost. Rob Yong, Simon Trumper and the team at DTD run an incredibly professional setup, both at their club in Nottingham and online, and they have considerable experience from their Grand Prix series that will be invaluable in making the ISPT a success. They have insisted on a number of changes to the initial proposal to create a viable event and to address the original flaws and we genuinely think they have a chance to run a really memorable event. They do, however, need the UK poker community to get behind the project, as it needs around 15,000 Day 1 players (online) to hit the their target of a €5million prize pool and guaranteed €1million to the winner at the end of Day 6.

All the details are at

Online satellites start from €2 at on April 22nd and the €270 + €30 Day 1s commence on 11th May both online and at the Dusk Till Dawn club in Nottingham.

Good luck and maybe we’ll see YOU on the pitch at Wembley


The Run Good Series – Episode 4

by Gary Smith on 09/03/2013

More musings from our regular mystery contributor, Check In The Dark. Don’t forget to Like him (or, perhaps, her) on Facebook!

“Everyone thinks they’re above average, which by definition is impossible”
-Nick Weatherall, Bluff Magazine

A quote there from this months edition of Bluff Magazine. I thought it was an interesting view on how we view our own game and as I’ve already touched on ego in previous writings, I thought it might be interesting to come at it from another angle.

Take out the self-hype we tell ourselves after taking down a tournament and where do we stand by comparison to others in the skill game of poker?

Unless we are out there making a living from it and doing so comfortably, where is the measuring stick?

We are often told not to make decisions in hands based on results, meaning don’t chase a flush without the right odds, implied or otherwise, just because we got there the last time. Can the same be said about our overall game? Can we base our level of skill in the game on results in large field tournaments, or in regular profitable cash sessions?

As of writing this, my identity has become known to a few people and a by product of this is that my writing has changed introspectively (and those that do know me will no doubt be surprised to see the use of such a large word!). This change in thought process led me to thinking that it doesn’t really matter what your skill level in the game is, if you enjoy the game as is then why worry about being an “above average player”? If you enjoy poker so much that you are constantly looking for ways to improve your game and want to take it serious then reach out to fellow players, there is always someone better than you, believe me…Unless your name is Jimmy Page of course!
Also don’t be afraid to move up stakes in cash games, or take risks in tournaments just to test yourself, there’s always tomorrow if it doesn’t work out!

From a personal standpoint, there are many leaks in my game, problem is I can’t pin them down, maybe it’s stubbornness or maybe I don’t feel tested enough for them to become exposed. I make mistakes in individual hands but it’s not until I open up the laptop that my real downfalls are apparent, I won’t bore you with my online failures but I hope this year to plug a few holes.


With one casino in Dundee, 2013 could well be a pivotal year for poker in the city. The reputation of the G’s schedule and cardroom seems to be spreading in a positive manner to the other cities and we may well start to see more and more out of towners sat next to us at our cash and tournament tables. Will we ourselves migrate in search of other games? Sure we will, but life is best lived seeking out adventures whilst having a safe solid base to return to (I just para-phrased a quote from a Blue Bloods episode I watched last night!).

My initial idea for this column was to write a review of last year, problem is I have the memory of a 60 year old man..that being said I could well be a 60 year old man! Anonymity allows for that option. What highlights I do remember are as follows;

Cashes in the ukipt Edinburgh for Colin Wu and Mark Cuggy.

Gala league success for Gordon Anderson, Kev Wallace and …

Excellent online scores for the boys living in the Kitchen of Dreamz.

I told you my memory was sketchy at best! A special congrats goes out to Cush who negotiated a chop of the Sunday million, the biggest weekly tournament in the world. The gravity of such a success seems to go over some people’s heads but not this guy!

So in the least patronising manner I could possibly say this in, if you want to improve and really become above average, take the steps. If you’re ‘results happy’ then carry on. If you’re Grieg Cushnie, plow through em sicko!

And if you’ve never seen Blue Bloods, what the hell are you waiting for?!


Cheerio Dundee Gala

by Martin Smith February 15, 2013

Gala Dundee

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Dundee’s Gala cashes in its chips

by Gary Smith February 13, 2013

As we say goodbye to the Gala this week, one of the regulars, who wishes to remain nameless, reflects on the passing of a staple of the local poker scene…. “All you need is a chip and a chair. At least, that’s what I was led to believe when I stumbled bug eyed into Gala’s […]

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Las Vegas Trip Report – Feb 2013

by Gary Smith February 6, 2013

With time on my hands and boredom set in at home, Mrs Gutshot reluctantly agreed that I could take some time away, so here I am, flying solo in Vegas for two weeks of poker, interspersed with shooting some dice, eating, drinking &sleeping I left Edinburgh last Thursday morning, with a five-hour layover in New […]

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New poker schedule at Dundee G casino starts tonight

by Gary Smith January 8, 2013

Tonight sees the first night of the new poker schedule in the Dundee G casino card room. The new schedule features a massive £4,500 of weekly guaranteed prize pools, a new weekly PLO tournament and a monthly £50 event with a £5,000 guarantee. Feedback on the schedule has been very complimentary amongst the regulars, so […]

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The Run Good Series – Episode 3

by Gary Smith December 3, 2012

‘He who tries to please everyone, ends up pleasing no-one’ Tournament poker is a funny old thing. It’s the preferred choice of the majority and so opinions on what the ideal tournament is will be varied to say the least. In Dundee we are very spoiled by the fact there are 6 tournaments a week, […]

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Festive Poker in Dundee

by Gary Smith November 18, 2012

There are a number of special poker events scheduled in Dundee in the run up to New Year. For those losing track, here’s a summary: Saturday 24th November – G Casino – Ladies Event – £25 Freezeout starting at 5pm. Saturday 22nd December – Gala Casino – Christmas Cracker – £50 Freezeout starting at 3pm […]

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